Health Promotion Department releases 3rd issue of “Towards a Healthy Life” magazine

Sharjah: As part of its keenness to diversify the awareness-raising methods and ideas to reach all society segments, the Health Promotion Department, HPD, of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs (SCFA) recently released the 3rd issue of its online magazine “Towards a Healthy Life”, an e-magazine issued every two months and distributed through smart and electronic platforms to various government and private departments and institutions.

Tips for those returning to work amid COVID-19 pandemic, this is the main theme of the six sections of the magazine, including the daily habits that must be followed to make life healthier and the most important food that must be eaten to boost the immune system, as well as the exercises that should be done at home, supported by illustrations.

The third issue also dedicated a special space to the Emirati health educator Shaza Omar Ibrahim, who joined the HPD in 2019 and participated in organizing and presenting many programs and events related to health and nutrition. Shaza has also many media participation whether in media outlets or through social medial platforms, as part of her keenness to actively participate in spreading awareness about various topics of concern to the family and society.

Diverse content

Her Excellency Iman Rashid Saif, Director of the Health Promotion Department, said: “We are always keen to diversify our communication channels with the UAE society to make sure that people have access to reliable content to get their information, based on the reports of the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health and Prevention. The 1st issue of the magazine has met with great interest and appreciation from readers and followers, thanks to the diverse content which answers some of the controversial questions, especially those related to misconceptions about common diseases and epidemics, specifically COVID-19. This is in addition to other awareness topics that focus on the importance of adopting healthy lifestyles.”

“This magazine is one of a series of our awareness-raising campaigns and events, such as producing educational videos, in a bid to motivate community members to adopt preventive measures and to follow the instructions issued by the health authorities, as well as to affirm the role of individuals and families in adopting healthy behaviors to prevent infection, such as personal hygiene, regular sterilization, and healthy food to enhance the immune system,” she added.

The HPD Director underlined that the Department is keen to publish the magazine in various media outlets and social media platforms, in addition to cooperating with relevant authorities and institutions to expand and enhance health awareness.