Who will be the first-ever Emirates Loto jackpot winner and takehome AED 50 million?

Don’t miss the next live draw at 9:00PM on Saturday 30 May

Who will be the first-ever Emirates Loto jackpot winner and takehome AED 50 million?

Dubai: Emirates Loto,the region’s first, fatwa-approved, fully digital collectables scheme with optional free entry to a weekly drawstill has a huge AED 50 million up for grabs for collectable buyers over the weekend, following sixconsecutive weeks of no jackpot winners to date.A not-to-be-missed opportunity for those feeling lucky, to win a life-changing amount of AED 50 million would be an incredible giftduring these unprecedented times.

Last weekend saw as many assixlucky UAE residents share AED 1 million, and 53-year-old retired UAE national Abdalla Ibrahim became the first-ever Emirati Emirates Loto winner. Entering the Emirates Loto draw every week since its first week of operation, Abdalla is thrilled to have won and will share his winnings with his whole family.

Among the group of six winners to each take home AED 166,666 were two UAE residents from the Philippines, one from Pakistan, one from Ukraine and one from South Africa.

For Maricar Q. Balagtas, a 40-year-old Filipina call centre agent, it was her firsttime playing Emirates Loto and she broke down in tears of happiness when she matched five out of six numbers from the live draw. Similarly, William Marquez Aniana who also originates from the Philippines has lived and worked in the UAE for 13 years and his initial reaction to winning was to jump up and down while praying and thanking God for his blessing.

Mubashar Hassan was the fourth big winner last weekend, a 34-year-old driving instructor from Pakistan who grew up in the UAE. As for the fifth and sixth winners, they requested to remain anonymous and, of course, Emirates Loto respects their wishes.

The next live draw will take place at 9.00PM on Saturday 30 May and can be viewed live on Emirates Loto’s website and social media platforms and on AsianetnewsFacebook page.