Kibsons Successfully Supporting Local SMEs Today and Every Day Since Launch

Kibsons doubles it efforts to continue supporting local businesses to help in stimulating the economy and bringing its customers the best.

Kibsons Successfully Supporting Local SMEs Today and Every Day Since Launch

Kibsons, itself a family run local business, has always been dedicated to supporting suppliers and Brand’s from across the UAE.  It has been a key part of their values and ethos as a business since their launch 40 years ago and they are proud to have played a role in kick starting the success of many fabulous local brands who would not be where they are today if it were not for the retail platform Kibsons offered them.  Whilst the ethos of supporting and championing local is not new for Kibsons as a business, it has never been more important than now and as such, Kibsons is stepping up and doing all they can to continue supporting existing and new brands from around the country. 

Here are just a few examples of local SME businesses for whom Kibsons are proud to have provided a much needed lifeline and support network to during Covid-19: 

Harvey & Brockless, a local producer and distributor of speciality foods whose operations were largely halted due to lockdown were able to expand its delivery to the public due to Kibsons.  ‘If it had not been for Kibsons and its increased sales, our business would not have survived as we were able to keep our production team busy with packing cheese, as our main business with airlines and hotels came to a standstill,” said Trevor Bryant, Managing Director of Harvey & Brockless. 

Local company Baker’s Kitchen has worked with Kibsons for the last two years and they credit their ongoing partnership as one of the key reasons they survived Covid-19 as their core business  of supplying hotels and hospitality dried up overnight.  Owner Sven Mostegl, said, “Kibsons treat us as an extension of their team with the greatest respect and professionalism. This coupled with the increased orders and on time payments truly made the difference to us at a time when our future hung in the balance.”

The Camel Soap Company found the Kibsons platform to be a valuable lifeline in reaching their customers in the UAE throughout COVID-19. Bahar Keshavarz, Business Development Manager said, “We appreciate their dedication to detail and commitment to health and safety. We know our products are in good hands and will be delivered on time without any issues to the end customers”. 

Kibsons is firmly committed to identifying and sourcing the best in local, offering more than 75 local brands for sale on their site. Members of the Kibsons team have been tasked with focusing their effort on this search and as always and unlike the majority of other e-commerce businesses, Kibsons asks UAE businesses for no listing or marketing fees, removing that barrier to entry for small businesses. 

From fresh fruit and vegetables sourced from Badia Farms, Mebi Farm and Al Rawafed to meat and fish delivered daily by Al Khazna Chicken, Al Dahra Farms and Fish Farm, Kibsons has also grown its household and dry store categories to include amazing local brands such as Pure Born, Saud Camel Soaps, Pretty flowers, Glow Fruit Sorbet, Earth Goods and many more. In fact, there is now a handy ‘proud local’ tab on the Kibsons website, so you can shop all their local brands in one place. 

‘The depth and breadth of local talent is incredible’ , says Halima Jumani, Director of Kibsons. ‘As a local business ourselves, that started 40 years ago right here in Dubai, we know that starting and growing your own business is not easy and given the current climate, all SMEs are struggling for survival right now. We have always been committed to supporting local and this is very much in our ethos and the  DNA of Kibsons, but now we are doubling our efforts and looking at ways that we can help these businesses save money whilst also being introduced to  new potential customers through our site. The hope is customers will find amazing new brands through Kibsons and in turn they will be able to help in keeping such businesses alive through these unprecedented times’.