Breastfeeding Friends Association marked World Prematurity Day

Breastfeeding Friends Association marked World Prematurity Day

Sharjah, UAE: The Friends of Breastfeeding Association of the Health Promotion Department at the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah has marked the World Prematurity Day, which is observed on 17 November each year, to raise awareness about premature birth, the reasons behind the birth of premature babies, and the role of families in reducing complications associated with the birth of a premature baby.

The activities included a virtual awareness workshop provided in Arabic and English languages and moderated by an elite of doctors and specialists. The workshop was attended by a number of mothers of premature babies and community members and touched on how to deal with a premature baby, by listening to the successful experiences of mothers with premature babies.

The Association also organized a webinar on the importance of breastfeeding and methods of psychological support for mothers of premature babies, besides publishing awareness-raising posts on the Association’s social media platforms, including health tips about premature birth problems, their causes and how to avoid them, and the appropriate care for preterm babies.

Her Excellency Eng. Khawla Al Noman, Head of Breastfeeding Friends Association, underlined the Association’s keenness to mark World Prematurity Day to spread awareness about the importance of breastfeeding for premature babies as the best way to save the lives of newborns and ensure that they enjoy good health.

She pointed out that this year’s events and activities are aligned with the current health situation by organizing virtual lectures and educational workshops to ensure health and safety for all, in addition to strengthening communication with community members to raise health awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding to maintain the health of children and mothers.

“According to global statistics, approximately 15 million babies are born preterm each year, accounting for about one in 10 of all babies born worldwide. The preterm baby might be born with some medical issues, due to the immaturity of his body organs.  Hence the need to hold these educational activities to boost community awareness about preterm babies, reduce preterm-birth-related mortality rates, and avoid the health problems associated with premature birth,” Al-Noman concluded.