"Aafaq Islamic Finance" gets Overwhelming response at promotional platform during Eid Al-Adha

Thousands of visitors received in five days at Mirdif City Centre.

Dubai, UAE: 'Aafaq Islamic Finance', a leading institution in the financial sector that provides financial products and services compliant with the provisions of Islamic law throughout the UAE and the region, celebrated Eid Al-Adha holidays with a promotional platform in "Mirdif City Center" that promoted a wide range of its distinguished products, such as credit cards, car financing offers, personal financing and real estate financing.

The conclusion of the promotional platform by 'Aafaq Islamic Finance' received thousands of loyal customers and others interested in their unique services and products over five days. The almost 65,000 visitors to the shopping center daily during the Eid Al-Adha holidays had the opportunity to view Aafaq's varied offers that included services such as “Sahobat”, “Oso0l Finance”, the unique credit card “Probe of Hope”, the women’s credit card, the Internet card and many more products. It provided them with the appropriate financing for whatever they wished to obtain, with unparalleled facilities.

Mr. Rashid Mahboub Al Qubaisi, CEO of Aafaq Islamic Finance, wished Eid al-Adha greetings to all Muslims in the world, the people of the UAE and those residing on its good land in general, and to “``Aafaq” clients in particular.

He said: “We are delighted to keep pace with the celebratory atmosphere that pervades the UAE and the world on this blessed occasion, through a platform that provides us with direct communication with our customers. It allows everyone to closely view the products, services and offers that we provide to satisfy our customers and helps spread the feelings of happiness and joy in the hearts of the people."

He continued, "We are very pleased that this platform witnessed a great turnout of visitors who showed interest in our products, services and offers, such as credit cards with unique features, personal finance, car finance, real estate finance and SME finance with very low profit rates. Postponing installment paymentsreflect our constant endeavor to maintain the satisfaction and happiness of our customers with benefit from our various offers and products.”