I have never used drugs, said Karan Johar

I have never used drugs, said Karan Johar

LAHORE: Showbiz Desk Indian filmmaker Kiran Johar has denied using drugs, saying he neither uses nor promotes drug use. On the photo and video sharing app Instagram, Karan Johar released a lengthy statement in which he said, "Some media channels, newspapers and social media platforms are spreading false news about me that I hosted such an event in 2019." There was open drug use in which I denied the false news in 2019.

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"In view of the current malicious campaign, I reiterate that these allegations are baseless and false as no drugs of any kind were used at the event," Karan Johar said in an Instagram statement. ۔ '

"I want to make it clear once again that I do not use drugs and that I have never promoted or encouraged drug use," he said.