Dukhan Bank enhances its Corporate Digital Services

Launch of the Shari’ah-compliant Point-of-Sale (POS) Solution. Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) terminals. Online trade system services.

Dukhan Bank enhances its Corporate Digital Services

Doha, Qatar: Dukhan Bank, Qatar's leading banking player, continues to pursue its efforts to enhance its corporate services in general, with a focus on digital services in particular. In this regard, the bank launched a set of advanced services including: Point-of-Sale (POS) solution, Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) service, online trade system, in addition to the upcoming rollout of the bank’s electronic payment gateway / e-Commerce service. This is yet another confirmation of the bank’s commitment to providing solutions that contribute to the bank’s success and the development of their services to meet the customers’ needs.

Within the rapid developments in payment solutions, Dukhan Bank announced the launch of fixed and mobile POS terminals that allow companies and retailers in Qatar to accept payments using credit cards and debit cards, as well as the most advanced contactless payment feature on D-Pay, its contactless payment platform. This service is easy to apply and offers efficiency, flexibility and convenience to customers, while enabling them to adopt a multi-channel approach to meet their business requirements.

With the current widespread use of e-Commerce platforms, Dukhan Bank will soon be launching their own e-commerce service in order to provide companies with comprehensive solutions, supported by the Mastercard Payment Gateway Services; this step offers opportunities for growth, development and access to a new range of customers, by providing integrated and flexible electronic solutions that keep pace with the rapid changes in the world of safe payments especially designed to respond to business needs with precision.

On the same pace, Dukhan Bank launched the Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) solution, an advanced technology that allows the bank's customers to remotely scan and submit bank cheques for clearing by simply sending a scanned image of the cheque, via a secure internet connection from their premises without the need to visit any of the bank’s branches.

Commenting on the above, Dukhan Bank stated:

“At Dukhan Bank, we pay great attention to the corporate sector and provide, various banking products and services to help our customers meet their requirements and grow their business. We have always been keen on developing our services and business to keep pace with the latest developments that our customers need in their journey of success and excellence. We also thrive to consolidate our relationships and communication channels with various companies and commercial institutions to identify their needs, study the reality of the local and global market, and then offer them the services and products that meet their needs and contribute into the development of their business. Our primary target behind the launch of these advanced services is to provide our customers with digital banking solutions that enhance their banking experience and help them obtain the banking services that meet the type and nature of their commercial activity; this banking experience will also contribute in supporting their business in a much easier and safer manner, thanks to our new electronic channels and modernized technology.”

As one of the leading banks in advanced digital services, Dukhan Bank looks forward to completing the digital transformation plan for its operations and services and working on expanding its scope, allowing customers to benefit from the latest digital technologies. In this context, Dukhan Bank announced earlier this month, the launch of their D-Pay powered Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay, both services fall under D-Pay, Dukhan Bank’s contactless payment platform, as part of the bank’s digital transformation plan that allow customers to perform easier, quicker and safer payments.