“Make-A-Wish® UAE fulfills the girl’s wish, to reside on a charming island in the middle of the sea

Within the framework of their community initiatives and support for charitable work, "Zaya Nurai" Island and "Nirvana Travel and Tourism” give the girl unforgettable vacation with her family members.

“Make-A-Wish® UAE fulfills the girl’s wish, to reside on a charming island in the middle of the sea

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: The "Make-A-Wish® UAE brought happiness and joy to the heart of the 15-year-old Emiratigirl “Roudha ", by granting her wish to stay with her family on an island away from people.

With the support of "Zaya Nurai" island and "Nirvana Travel and Tourism", her wish journey began with a short 15minute boat ride off the shores of Abu Dhabi on the Arabian Gulf waters that brought tremendous happiness to her heart. She was welcomed by the staff of the charming resort with flowers, music and balloons, while taking care of social distancing according to the preventive precautionary measures against the "Covid-19".

Accompanied by the Island’s team and Make-A-Wish® UAE team members, Roudha had a tour with her 6 family members around this piece of paradise, which is the ideal quiet haven away from people, and a wonderful experience with its turquoise waters, soft white sands, exceptional architecture and lush gardens. Inside the luxurious villa, Roudha was awaited with many wonderful surprises, gifts and her favorite sweets.

Commenting on granting Roudha’s wish, Hani Al-Zubaidi, CEO of the " Make-A-Wish® UAE " Foundation, said: "Just seeing the feelings of happiness and joy on the child's face when her wish is granted, made a great achievement for the foundation."

Al-Zubaidi thanked the administration of "Zaya Nurai" Island and "Nirvana Travel and Tourism" company for their generous contribution to achieving Roudha 's wish, stressing the importance of concerting all efforts to spread the Foundation’s Humanitarian message, and implanting tolerance and love, goodness and generosity’s concepts that leads to happiness and joy in the hearts of seriously ill children and revives hope in their hearts with their families.