• Ayman M. Tamer, Chairman, Tamer Group tells Oxford Business Group


The trends driving Saudi Arabia’s economic transformation, which include digitalisation and evolving technologies, were among the topical issues explored by leaders of the Saudi conglomerate Tamer Group in a collective interview they gave recently to Oxford Business Group’s online broadcasting channel, Global Platform.

It features contributions from eight senior representatives of the Tamer Group, which celebrates its 100-year anniversary in 2022.

In the video, Ayman M. Tamer, the group’s Chairman, said the pandemic had delivered several valuable lessons that enabled Tamer to not only strengthen its position, but also chart its future at a time when the global economy was in the midst of transition. “We’re thinking differently and we have a different approach today,” he said. “It has accelerated our work, it has accelerated our willingness to adopt ESG [environmental, social and governance] goals and it has accelerated our digitalisation process. What gives you resilience? Culture, talent and ESG goals.”

The opportunities for today’s young, educated and tech-savvy generation to develop ideas and innovate in an increasingly automated, technology-driven manufacturing industry were another focus.

Tamer’s representatives also explored Saudi Arabia’s growing role in logistics, consumers goods and as a producer and exporter of pharmaceuticals, in line with a broader industry shift across the region towards localisation.

In addition, the interviewees discussed the importance of making optimal use of artificial intelligence and big data in order to take decisions and implement action plans.

Other topical issues examined included the rapid growth under way in the e-commerce segment and the potential for further expansion within the GCC retail market.

Marc-André de Blois, OBG’s Director of PR and Video Content, said the interviews offered subscribers a valuable insight into how Saudi businesses such as Tamer Group’s centennial’s diversified conglomerate had navigated the challenges of the pandemic and also used the crisis as an opportunity to ensure they were in a robust position ahead of global economic recovery.

“The strategies cited by Tamer’s leaders, which include harnessing young talent, adopting evolving technologies and giving weight to ESG principles, reaffirm that Saudi companies are embracing new ways of doing business that dovetail with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals,” he said. “I’m delighted that we’ve been able to share this snapshot of Saudi Arabia’s changing business landscape in what represents a landmark year for Tamer Group.”