Actress Meera has announced her marriage

Actress Meera has announced her marriage

LAHORE: (Showbiz Desk) Leading actress of Pakistan film industry Meera has announced her wedding date. Actress Meera recently attended a web show as a guest where she also made important revelations while answering various questions from the host.

The host of the web show asked actress Meera about her marriage, when are you getting married?

Answering the host's question, Meera said that she will get married in October this year, but she did not say who she is going to marry.

Many different questions were asked from Meera during the show. In response to one question, Meera advised actor Shaan Shahid that he should take charge of the politics of Pakistan film industry.

During the interview, Meera revealed that she will soon be seen in Nadeem Baig's action film, but the actress did not name the film. Speaking on the web show, actress Meera also claimed that she had been offered a job in India but could not accept the offer due to bad relations between the two countries.