Moin Akhtar, who spread smiles, passed away 10 years ago

Moin Akhtar, who spread smiles, passed away 10 years ago

Karachi: (Showbiz Desk) Presidential Award winning actor Moin Akhtar, who ruled over millions of hearts, is celebrating his 10th death-day today. Moin Akhtar was born in Karachi on December 24, 1950. His first performance was in the stage play 'The Merchant of Venice' based on Shakespeare's novel at the age of 13. He started his artistic career in 1966 on Pakistan's first Defense Day.

Legendary actor Moin Akhtar was called the Academy of Art because whether it was film or TV or stage drama, he showed off his God-given talents in every field. Moin Akhtar's humorous sentences introduced a new aspect of civilization.

According to fellow actors, Moin Akhtar was not only an actor but also an era who excelled in every field of fine arts. In recognition of his artistic services, Moin Akhtar was awarded the Presidential Medal for Excellence and Sitara-e-Imtiaz. Akhtar's well-known TV dramas include Rozi, Wait, Kemari from Bandar Road, Angan Teerha, Studio Dhai, Studio Pune Three, Yas Sir Nawsar and Eid Train. His role in the drama Rozi may never be forgotten.

Many of Moin Akhtar's famous stage plays are still etched in people's minds. For a private channel, the airing of four hundred episodes of his satirical and humorous TV shows is also a unique record.

Moin Akhtar died of a heart attack on April 22, 2011. According to fellow artists, the way Moin Akhtar introduced Pakistani culture through dramas and shows, hardly anyone else could have done it so well.