Shows that will take you on a round-the-world tour this summer!

Shows that will take you on a round-the-world tour this summer!

While you might not be able to travel the world this summer, Discovery is bringing some of the most exciting countries to you. From battling predators in remote Papua New Guinea to the sampling the most authentic Italian cuisine, you can still explore new places – from the comfort of yourhome!

Whether you’re an aspiring adventurer,a budding home chef, or dreaming of a luxury home on a tropical island, there’s something for everyone from Discovery this summer. 

Legends of the Wild

From unexplained sea creatures spotted in the icy waters of Alaska, to deadly attacks by an airborne predator in Papua New Guinea, two wilderness experts and childhood buddies take on the adventure of a lifetime, as they investigate some of the most incredible mysteries of the natural world. Together they journey deep into the wild –risking it all –to find the answers to some of the world’s most hair-raising wildlife mysteries. Now on Discovery Channel, Wednesdays at 10:40pm (KSA)

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days 

From matchesmade in heaven to majorly mismatched couples, 90 Day Fiancé travels to Russia, Nigeria, Australia and the Philippines to see how new couples fare meeting for the first time in their home countries in their biggest challenge yet. Will they receive a warm welcome from family and friends, will they pop the question, or will they return to America alone? Now on TLC,Saturdays at 10:40pm (KSA)

Giada in Italy 

Follow Giada De Laurentiis back to her birthplace, as she revisits family, friends and the flavors that inspire her life's work. From digging through her grandmother's ancient recipe book with Aunt Raffy, to exploring the site of her grandfather's former pasta factory, this trip is all about the bounty and beauty of Italy enjoyed with friends and family. Now on Food Network,Thursdaysat 7:30pm (KSA)

Caribbean Life 

Join North American families on their hunt to leave behind the hustle and bustle of home for a new life in the Caribbean. Searching for luxury residences on pristine white sandy beaches, each family searches for the house that they’ve been dreaming of. But finding a house is just the first challenge, making it fit within budget is a whole other challenge. Now on HGTV, Sundaysat 8:00pm (KSA)

SAS: Who Dares Wins 

The SAS: Who Dares Wins team venture to a remote Scottish island, as a group of 25 men and women get put through their paces in the toughest challenges yet. Recreating the Special Air Service selection process, contestants are pushed to their max by harsh and unforgiving environments, in the ultimate test of their physical and psychological resilience. Now on DMAX, Tuesdays at 08:10pm (KSA)

Nakahat Al Maghreb Al Arabi 

Join Chef Wafeeq on his culinary journey through North Africa, exploring the flavors of favorite recipes from Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. A tantalizing journey for the taste buds, Chef Wafeeq seeks out culinary secrets and brings them home so everyone can enjoy the tastes of abroad in the comfort of their homes.  Now on Fatafeat,Wednesdaysat 12:00pm (KSA)

Edge of Alaska

Deep in the wilds of eastern Alaska is the America's last true frontier town: McCarthy. Edge of Alaskaexplores Alaska through the eyes of its native people, following those holding on to their isolated town, surrounded by extreme wilderness, as they struggle with new settlers who are trying to bring their home into the 21st century. Now on Animal Planet,Saturdaysat 8:05pm (KSA)