In for the long haul: Ford Ranger achieves more than 1,250km on a single tank of diesel

In for the long haul: Ford Ranger achieves more than 1,250km on a single tank of diesel

DUBAI, UAE: While the workhorse 2020 Ford Ranger XLS continues to impress road test editors in the Middle East with its refinement, capability and versatility – Ford’s midsize truck has an additional trick up its sleeve: it’s also extremely fuel-efficient. 

Ford demonstrated just how efficient the truck can be when it handed the Ranger to two Dubai-based content creators and asked them to see how far they could get on a single tank of fuel, and to record a video log of their efforts.

Armed with a few eco-driving tips and a second Ranger XLS 2.2-litre turbodiesel along for support, Ahmed Jaffar and Mohamed Sirelkhatim embarked on their challenge at the height of the Middle East summer. They topped the Ranger’s 80-litre tank to the brim and set their sights on driving as far as they could.

“At first, we thought 1,000 kilometres would be a very ambitious target,” said Jaffar, “But as the day wore on, and the Ranger indicated that we could easily exceed that, it became apparent that we were in for far more time behind the wheel than we anticipated.”

In fact, having covered 864 km in the first day of driving and still with a quarter tank of diesel left, the pair were very confident of breaking their initial 1,000km target as they set out on the second day.

Little did they know that the remaining fuel would actually push them to add another 388 kilometres to their challenge, for a total distance of an incredible 1252 kilometres.

“When we started out, we didn’t really know what we were in for. We thought we might make 500 kilometres, maybe a little further – but to not only break that 1,000 kilometre mark but smash it, was really something,” said Jaffar. “It’s a test I’ll remember for a long time to come.”