LAHORE: Provincial Minister for Human Rights and Minority Affairs Ejaz Alam Augustine met with representatives of transgender community at Camp Office of Human Rights on Wednesday, in which they discussed in detail the problems facing the community across the province and protection against violence at community. The representatives of transgender were consisting on Asad Nawaz Chaudhry, Zanaya Chaudhry and Neeli Rana. Talking to the representatives, the provincial minister Ejaz Alam Augustine said that the Government of the Punjab was ensuring the protection of the community while the Punjab government is going to introduce a bill of Protection in this regard in the Assembly soon. Ejaz Alam Augustine further said that community should nominate a focal person from so that the human rights department can provide better protection while the human rights department is forming working groups from each community to protect human rights. He said that the protection of rights every community was top priority of the Punjab government as promoting peace, religious harmony and tolerance in the society while the government was taking all possible steps for a peaceful environment across the province. Representatives admired the initiatives of the current Government for the protection of community and hoped that representation of the community will be seen in each department in the tenure of PTI. They also nominated two focal persons from the behalf of community named Zanaya Chaudhry and Neeli Rana. The provincial minister assured them that notification of focal persons would be issued soon and also suggested to present a comprehensive draft about the issues facing by community so that full protection could be ensured by the department.