Hira Mani pays tribute to Pakistan Navy

Hira Mani pays tribute to Pakistan Navy

LAHORE: Leading actress of Pakistan showbiz industry Hira Mani and her husband Salman Sheikh Alias Mani have paid tribute to Pakistan Navy. Hira and Mani, a leading duo of Pakistan Showbiz Industry, which distributes rations to the poor and deserving people in this difficult time of Corona virus, has released a special video message on the photo and video sharing app Instagram, paying tribute to the Pakistan Navy in this regard.

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Hira Mani said, "All of you have helped us a lot to complete this task but the Pakistan Navy has played the most important role in this mission."

In her video message released on Instagram, Hira Mani said, "Three months ago, we started a good deed for the sake of Allah in which we distributed rations to deserving people."