Federal Youth Authority Highlights Young Emiratis’ Vision for the Future of the World Under Global #UN75 Initiative

The Authority organised a remote virtual ‘Youth Circle’ titled ‘Building the Future We Want’.

Federal Youth Authority Highlights Young Emiratis’ Vision for the Future of the World Under Global #UN75 Initiative

DUBAI – The Federal Youth Authority (FYA) organised a virtual Youth Circle titled ‘Building the Future We Want’ to understand young people’s vision for the future of the world and amplify their voices in the United Nations’ #UN75 global conversation.

Launched to mark the UN’s 75th anniversary, the United Nations’ #UN75 initiative aims to ignite the largest and furthest-reaching global conversation on the role of global cooperation in building the future we want.Youth,along with all other members of society,are sharing their ideas for what the future of the world should look like and what actions are needed to realize that vision.

Her Excellency Shamma Bint Suhail Al Mazrui, Minister of State for Youth Affairs and FYA Chairwoman, attended the session, alongside Under-Secretary-General H.E. Fabrizio Hochschild, UN Special Adviser on the Commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations; H.E. Dr Dena Assaf, UN Resident Coordinator for the UAE;H.E. Saeed Al Nazari FYA Director General;and over 150 young attendees from across the UAE.

H.E. AlMazrui started the session by celebrating the FYA’s partnership with the UN,“It is an honour to join hands with the United Nations as it celebrates its 75th ANNIVERSARY this year,”explaining the important role youth play as catalysts of change as they “come together, listen and empathize with one another, and strengthen multilateral action.”

H.E AlMazrui then highlighted, “My role during Youth Circles is to actively listen to the voices of the youth; but this time, the world’s leaders will be listening too, as what you say here today will be presented at the UN’s 75th anniversary celebration.” She emphasized on the significance of this occasion as“it providesa space for youth-centric ideas and solutions, makes room for youth’s bright minds to challenge the status quo and suggest actions that benefit us all.”

“The world after the Coronavirus pandemic is not the same world we lived in before,” H.E. asserted. “Hope is what’s giving us immense confidence in a better future. We have identified gaps across various sectors including education, the environment, and the economy, where we are counting on the youth to make a difference. It is our mandate as the FYA and as global leaders to listen to their voices and take them seriously. Youth voices carry the seed of the new era, and it is only by including them that we will truly transform the world we live in.”

Meanwhile, H.E. Fabrizio Hochschild thanked the UAE for its notable support for the #UN75 initiative and its leading role in ensuring a better future for people around the world.

“Throughout its history, the United Nations has worked to promote peace and establish a global foundation for development,” H.E. said. “And today, in the midst of the global COVID-19 crisis, the organisation has a role to promote health, education, and climate awareness,among other topics,chief among them is ensuring the best use of global resources and promoting technology in various sectors.”

Hochschild stressed the need for global institutions to focus on the future, find solutions to complex challenges, and build a solid foundation for the world to stand on.Young people will have a major role in the #UN75 initiative, he noted;they lead the world towards a new era of innovative ideas that benefit humanity as a whole.

Dr Dena Assaf highlighted the UAE’s role in spreading hope in the region,which supports the United Nations’ efforts to drive development in every country around the world. The Federal Youth Authority is a prominent institution and an effective partner in implementing the goals of the #UN75 initiative,which aims to start a dialogue among representatives of various sectors and segments of the community, most notably the youth.

Dr Assaf looked forward to the contributions Emirati youth will make towards ensuring the success of the initiative. “Young people are the leaders of tomorrow,” she asserted. “They represent 75% of the population in the Arab region. They have an opportunity to propose solutions and contribute to overcoming the current crisis.”

“EXPO 2020 is an embodiment of international cooperation, and an example of effective collaboration among the youth from around the world here in the UAE,” Dr Assaf concluded. “The exhibition is set to be the only global platform to bring people together post-COVID-19 to explore and debate the future of the world.”

For his part, H.E. Saeed Al Nazari said: “The youth, with their energy and resilience, are perfectly poised to lead the world in its recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. Our job is to help train young Emiratis and hone their skills to prepare them for these new challenges and equip them to seize opportunities for their future. Our work with international organisations allows us to explore young people’s aspirations and visions and connect them with others around the world.”

“Celebrating the UN’s 75th anniversary is an opportunity for young people to express their views and make their voices heard around the world,” H.E. added.“It is a chance for them to demonstrate their ability to lead international efforts and unite nations in working for the benefit of all human beings. Young Emiratis have come to represent a global role model for educated and creative youth, and will undoubtedly be active contributors to the global youth movement throughout the #UN75 initiative.”

The Youth Circle registered enthusiasm and interaction from the young participants, who presented their visions and ideas for the future of various sectors. The Circle highlighted the sectors that the world should give priority to in the near future, where opinions varied between strengthening international relations,placing more emphasis on health majors at universities, and increasing support for the countries most affected by the crisis.

Furthermore, attendees explored topics such as human rights, reviving the global economy, investing in education and youth initiatives, global climate and environment plans, offering incentives for organisations to ensure the best results, and expanding the use of modern technology in all fields.

The Youth Circle also discussed young people’s views in areas such as excessive global consumption and preserving our resources, as well as the upcoming new era of international cooperation that is rooted inthe exchange of experiences. Topics also included gender equality, reducing international conflicts, and fostering peace among nations as a solid foundation for progress and prosperity.