METASTORIC is launching its first exhibition: BUSINESS ART

METASTORIC is launching its first exhibition: BUSINESS ART

Dubai: METASTORIC is launching its first exhibition: BUSINESS ART, which opens on 17th January at 6:30pm in Foundry, Dubai, and runs through 25th February.

Metastoric is a new initiative working at the intersection of contemporary art and cryptocurrency by linking art objects with NFTs to create disruptive exhibitions and immersive experiences. 

Addressing the peculiar entanglements of art, life, and business within the contemporary, Business Art is an exhibition on, and with, the NFT as a medium. The artworks – ranging from sculptures to videos, paintings, drawings, and found objects – are linked with NFTs minted on OpenSea, which will drop the night of the opening and remain available for the duration of the exhibition.

Curated by the anonymous artist known as Prestige Villain, Business Art brings together international and UAE-based artists, including Mays Albaik, Mona Ayyash, Ghada Da, Dana Dawud, Rami Farook, MG, Mohamed Khalid, Satwa 3000, and Nada Zanhour. Their work appears alongside contributions by Oona Chanel, publisher of Author magazine; Sanaz Askari, founder and curator of The Mine; and Bitcoin historian Elias Ahonen. The prices of the NFTs range widely – with the most expensive, entitled Sanaz’s Sweat, listed at 777 ETH (approximately 2.5 million USD).

Metastoric was founded in 2021 by British, Dubai-based entrepreneur Jodie Marie Rigby, who has identified new possibilities in backing NFTs with physical assets; and is joined by co-founder Lucy Brattan, formerly of the online marketplace Jumia Group, who brings to the team a knowledge of, and passion for, investment. Ownership of a Metastoric NFT unlocks access to exclusive, members-only events. Five percent of proceeds will be contributed to a neuro-linguistic programming service for mental well-being.

Prestige Villain is an anonymous curator, fragrance connoisseur, and non-digital avatar. He is thought to be elderly and solitary; has been likened to the master in GWF Hegel’s master-slave dialectic; and is rumored to possess a great many medallions, gems, and chalices.

For further information and press inquiries, please contact Metastoric founder Jodie Marie Rigby at; or exhibition curator Prestige Villain at