The Saffron Souk Makes it Even Easier to Shop Local

From consumer to wholesale, The Saffron Souk’s brand new user friendly bilingual website allows you to shop online with complete ease

The Saffron Souk Makes it Even Easier to Shop Local

Shopping small and supporting local is currently more prevalent than ever and one of the best ways in which you can do this is by browsing The Saffron Souk’s brand new website, This fabulously creative community promises each and every item sold to be special, unique and sold by small, local businesses. 

The new platform offers a real customer journey from start to finish. From the time you log in to the time you checkout, the journey aims to be as simple and frictionless as possible to provide a seamless experience, thus building long-term relationships with loyal and returning customers. 

The new Saffron Souk website has a lot of new functionalities for customers to find what they are looking for easily and is ideal for businesses in the region looking for wholesale items for corporate gifting or anyone looking for large quantities of goods for gifting purposes. 

A new category is now in place for wholesale shoppers from event management companies or marketing departments who are looking for unique, handmade or customized items, for gifting or other marketing purposes. In addition, these buyers can benefit from quantity discounts across several products and have a number of regional small businesses to source them from. 

Being fully committed to supporting local businesses, the new Saffron Souk website is bilingual in both English and Arabic with a host of new and advanced features to assist sellers who sell and feature their goods on The Saffron Souk.With AI powered integration, digital marketing and social media, sellers need not worry about these elements as once their products are listed they will automatically be marketed across these channels.In addition, sellers are welcome to create their own blogs and have an array of tools to choose from when it comes to product display and customization including offering promotions and special offers. For sellers with google analytics, they are able to consolidate their data with The Saffron Souk shop, thus helping them better target their audience and reach higher and faster growth. 

More than just a marketplace, The Saffron Souk elevates artisans and encourages creativity. All items sold are locally produced meaning you are supporting small businesses in the region.