As per directions of IGP Punjab Shoaib Dastgir, actions are continued against anti social elements.

 Kasur Police arrested 511 criminals during last month. Huge amount of theft goods have been recovered from 38 criminals of 11 dangerous dacoit gangs.

As per directions of IGP Punjab Shoaib Dastgir, actions are continued against anti social elements.

LAHORE: As per directions of Inspector General Police Punjab Shoaib Dastgir, quick actions are underway against professional criminals and anti social elements so that every possible protection may be provided for wealth and lives of people after maintaining supremacy of law. In this regard, Kasur police sent its progress report of last month to the Central Police Office. According to the report, Kasur  Police under the leadership of DPO Kasur  Zahid Nawaz Marwat , performed professional duties during smart lock down,  with full hard work, diligence and commitment and also conducted intelligence based operations and actions against professional criminals.

 According to the report, as per direction  of  DPO Kasur  Zahid  Nawaz  Marwat taking action against criminals involved in murder, dacoity, robbery and other heinous crimes, 127 hardened proclaimed offenders have been arrested whereas 32 Court absconders have also been arrested, among arrested proclaimed offenders, 32 are of A category. Similarly in a crackdown against drugs peddlers 107 notorious drug pushers have been arrested and 68 kg chars, 1321 liter alcohol, 280 liter lehn and 07 working wine kilns have been recovered and cases have been registered. In a crackdown against illegal weapons holders 01 klashinkof, 08 rifles, 16 guns, 02 carbeen and 129 pistols have been recovered from possession of 157 criminals. Moreover, 11 gamblers spots have been raided and 50 accused have been arrested red handedly and gambled money has also been recovered.

Likewise in cases of dacoity and robbery, 35 criminals of 11 dangerous dacoit gangs have been arrested and theft amount of more than 38 lacs along with modern illegal weapon have been recovered. 52 cases have been challaned with arrest of criminals.

 DPO Kasur Zahid Nawaz Marwat said that for ensuring protection of wealth and lives of people, crackdown against proclaimed offenders, dacoits, drugs peddlers, habitual criminals and criminal elements shall be continued on daily basis. He further said that in the wake of arrival of Muharram ul Haram, security arrangements have been launched in the district and utilization of all available resources shall be ensured in accordance with the devised SOPs for maintaining law and order and protection of wealth and lives of people.