Ajman University Supports MOE’s ‘Estedad’ Program

Ajman University Supports MOE’s ‘Estedad’ Program

Ajman-United Arab Emirates:  Ajman University (AU), in support of the UAE Ministry of Education’s National Ambassadors Program "Estedad", is actively participating in two of the program's five tracks: scientific research, enrichment, entrepreneurship, diplomacy and sustainability.

The first of its kind in the UAE "Estedad" program, virtually carried out during the summer holiday, is an enrichment and capacity building initiative aimed to provide high school students with essential skills to prosper in various fields, and be equipped with the knowledge and tools required for applying to universities.

Dr. Karim Seghir, AU Chancellor, said Ajman University spares no effort to provide students with the right knowledge and skills they need in the future. “These virtual summer training programs are an example,” he said, before adding that AU always cooperates with all entities in the society to provide the students with advanced skills. 

Ajman University offers a variety of courses under two main tracks of the "Estedad" program; Entrepreneurship and Enrichment, he stated. “Students can participate in one of these tracks as per the skills they wish to develop, and later get a certificate in the course they clear.”

The ‘Entrepreneurship’ online program helps nurture students in the business field and embed them with the traits and skills of an entrepreneur, empowering them to think out of the box, come up with innovative solutions and have a key role in their country’s economy. 

Through practicing entrepreneurship activities, students gain important entrepreneurial skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, risk-taking and collaboration.

The ‘Enrichment’ online program is designed to promote students’ knowledge and skills in different aspects, train them on different scientific topics such as artificial intelligence, programing, robotics and other trending issues in the labour market.

The program also helps enhance students’ academic experience, giving them a sense of personal accomplishment and growth, through introducing them to research methodologies, creativity and innovation, let alone a variety of personal skills.

Up to 18 universities and specialized institutions have participated in the implementation of the "Estedad" program, as part of the "UAE Volunteers" national campaign, and in line with the academic volunteering pathway.