Feel and look your "Super" best this summer with the goodness of superfood! - Dermoviva

Feel and look your

We often fall lazy when it comes to proper skin care, especially with all the heat and humidity getting to us.

That is why we are bringing you something that will allow you to stay in your comfortable cocoon all the while achieving ‘super good’ skin results.

Dabur’s range of Superfoods provides you with the benefits of nature, without making your skin feel heavy.

On your days in or after a long day of work, apply your superfood green tea mask, which is designed to detox remove dirt from your skin, and unwind your day sipping on your favorite iced tea.

To achieve that summer-kissed feeling, go for turmeric, a superfood known for promoting healthy, glowing skin.

Moisturize your way through summer with the goodness of avocado and its natural vitamin E oil for healthy, younger-looking skin.

And lastly, delve into the richness of antioxidants present in pomegranate, a recipe that is bound to leave you looking younger no matter where you go!

This summer, make sure that you look head-turning gorgeous, all without having to step out of your cocoon of natural goodness.