The Future Of Ice Cream Is Here – Introducing The Brooklyn Creamery Guilt-Free Ice Cream

The Brooklyn Creamery turns everyone’s favourite dessert into a healthier any time snack – with 60% less fat, half the calories and higher protein.

The Future Of Ice Cream Is Here – Introducing The Brooklyn Creamery Guilt-Free Ice Cream

DUBAI: The Brooklyn Creamery is bringing healthy, New York-inspired ice cream to the UAE. The new range is lower fat, lower calorie and higher protein than similar premium desserts, meaning we can all grab a pot of ice cream any time of day without the health worries or guilt.

Exclusively available via Deliveroo for online delivery across Dubai and in Abu Dhabi and via Talabat in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, the newest ice cream to hit the emirates is guaranteed to make your taste buds sing, while helping keep your health goals in check A bold, innovative approach to healthy desserts,  sees an exciting, healthier range of five incredible ice cream flavours made available to all, with 50% fewer calories, 60% less fat and higher protein.

And there’s more – this halal-friendly ice cream contains no artificial flavourings, colourings or sweeteners.

The particularly creamy and tasty ice creams, created using premium ingredients and plant-based sweetener maltitol, are the perfect treat for anyone who is health conscious or calorie counting.

The Brooklyn Creamery blends ice cream mastery and a rich array of world-class flavours with the need for an anytime, guilt-free snack.

Soon to be available in the freezer aisles of all good UAE stores and cafes, The Brooklyn Creamery range is currently only available exclusively via pandemic-aware Deliveroo home delivery.

Vikram Seth, CEO of The Brooklyn Creamery Middle East, says: “The Brooklyn Creamery started as a small parlour in NYC back in 2015. I’m delighted to be bringing this incredible treat the UAE, just in time to cheer us all up during the pandemic, and beat the heat! Let us help you hit that sweet spot every day.”

“We are proud to offer this revolutionary ice cream to the UAE. We know our flavours will blow your minds, and you simply won’t believe something this good for you can taste so amazing. People are more health conscious today, and we wanted to provide a treat that’s better for you, while satisfying that desire for a sweet treat that we all have from time to time,” adds the CEO.

The Brooklyn Creamery’s range means you can grab a pot of your favourite dessert flavour with less concern for your health.

The five-strong range includes classic chocolate and vanilla with a funky Brooklyn Creamery twist, berry and fruit flavours, and all the ingredients you’d expect in the most indulgent of desserts.

The current line-up of future-friendly flavours comprises Soho Berry, Chocoholic, Sea Salt Caramel, Sweet Caramel Vanilla and Cookies ‘n’ Cream.

So grab a spoon, a fork or your fingers (we don’t judge) and dig in! It’s time to rediscover your love of ice cream thanks to The Brooklyn Creamery. Pots are available in two sizes – 125ml or 450ml - starting at just AED20.

Brooklyn Creamery Co is TM registered in the US and made under licence.