Francorp Middle East Oversee Rafeeg regional expansion to Saudi and Egypt

Francorp Middle East Oversee Rafeeg regional expansion to Saudi and Egypt

Abu Dhabi - UAE: First E-Commerce collaboration between Rafeeg App and Francorp Middle East allocated 1.5M dirhams to enhance the App and oversee the expansion of the Rafeeg App within Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

This agreement stipulates that Francorp Middle East will provide Rafeeg with plans and strategies for expansion in both Saudi Arabia and Egypt, by allocating AED650 thousands for each market, as well as to develop the services provided to customer by the app by adding new services and attracting new investors and assign for that an amount of AED200 thousands.

To achieve such regional and global expansion Rafeeg chose Francorp Middle East, which is one of the largest franchises within the region to provide the App with preliminary planning, basic operational and planning strategy and also oversee the full project.

Thus, the most prominent agreement within such industry was signed by the Emirati entrepreneur and the founder of “Rafeeg App”, Mr. Khamis Al-Sheryani and Mr. Emad Sharaf Al-Din, the CEO and the Chairman of Francorp Middle East.

“We are pleased to add “Rafeeg App” to our clients list of the pioneering and successful customers, who are eager to expand and aspire to provide their finest series to such a comprehensive application such as “Rafeeg App” and enable them to our extensive working experience to provide the best consulting solutions for the App Founder and its clients”, Imad Sharaf Al-Din, the Francorp Middle East CEO and Chairman of the Boards of Directors, said.

The Emirati Entrepreneur and Founder of the “Rafeeg App”, Khamis Al-Sheryani express his happiness with this agreement saying that, “As “Rafeeg App” witnesses a huge demand and increase in the volume of users and customers within UAE on all different service levels and has become the pioneer application in such field of services, so we have chosen Francorp Middle East which is one of the best leading consulting companies within the region, to help us developing our franchise program in accordance with international standards to implement our expansion plans in the MENA region, as we will be expanding during the next three months to cover all part of both Egypt and Saudi Arabia.”

And recently Rafeeg App opened the first electronic store specialized in construction, maintenance and decoration projects in UAE “ Rafeeg Store” the first of its kind and the largest in the MENA region.  Rafeeg Store allows customers to browse the designs of the best international engineers and decorations, in addition to the easy comparison of prices from local contractors who want to design their homes in UAE.  The mission of “ Rafeeg Store” is to upgrade the homeowner’s journey in setting up and maintaining a home, to become a unique and enjoyable shopping experience that allows him to move between its stages smoothly and assure the quality of the work that it will carry out.