Schlumberger, IBM and Red Hat Announce Major Hybrid Cloud Collaboration for the Energy Industry

Historic agreement expands access to DELFI cognitive E&P environment to address customers’ deployment preferences

Schlumberger, IBM and Red Hat Announce Major Hybrid Cloud Collaboration for the Energy Industry

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Schlumberger, IBM and Red Hat, announced todaya major collaboration to accelerate digital transformation across the oil and gas industry. The joint initiative will provide global access to Schlumberger’s leading exploration and production (E&P) cloud-based environment andcognitive applications by leveragingIBM’s hybrid cloud technology, built onthe Red Hat OpenShift container platform.

Collaborative development will initially focus on two key areas:

  • ·         Private, hybridor multi-cloud deployment of the DELFI* cognitive E&P environment enabled by Red Hat OpenShift to significantly expand access for customers.
  • ·         Delivering the first hybrid cloud implementation of the OSDU™ data platform (the open data platform for the industry).

Through the agreement with IBM and Red HatSchlumberger hascommitted to the exclusive use of Red Hat OpenShift. Using the container platformwillenable the deployment of applications in the DELFIenvironment across any infrastructure,from traditional data centers to multiple clouds, including private and public.This new way of hosting will offer the possibility to use multiple cloud providers and willaddress critical issues for customers, facilitating in-country deployments in compliance with local regulations and data residency requirements. 

The DELFI environment incorporatescutting-edge data analytics and artificial intelligence, drawing upon multiple data sources, automating workflows,and facilitating seamless collaboration for domain teams. Many more oil and gas operators, suppliers and partners, from all regions of the worldwill be enabled to work fromthe industry’s leading digitalenvironment—built on a standard, open platform—where they can ‘write once and run everywhere’ when creating new applications.

“By expanding market access to the DELFI environment we take a major step forward on the journey to establishing the open and flexible digital environment our industry needs,” comments Olivier Le Peuch, chief executive officer, Schlumberger. “Our collaboration with IBM and Red Hat complements our established digital partnerships to produce an industry-first solution to overcome our customers’ challenges. Together, we are enablingseamless access to a hybrid cloud platform in all countries across the globe for deployment in any basin, for any operator.”