SCCI conducts visit to Sharjah’s Muwailih commercial area

SCCI conducts visit to Sharjah’s Muwailih commercial area

Sharjah, UAE: The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry, SCCI, represented by the Economic Relations and Marketing Department, recently conducted a visit to a number of shops in Sharjah’s Muwailih commercial area, as part of the SCCI’s keenness to follow up on the business community and private sector affairs and to enhance communication with the SMEs owners to tackle the challenge they face, especially in the current circumstances.

The tour was conducted by Ibrahim Rashid Al Jarwan, Director, SCCI Economic Relations and Marketing Dept, Saud Al-Hajri, Head of the Public Relations and Social Responsibility Department, and a number of the Chamber's staff.

The visit aims to consolidate the SCCI’s economic and commercial relationships with its members and business community and to offer the services and facilities available for supporting the business sector.

Strengthening communication 

Ibrahim Rashid Al Jarwan said: “The SCCI is committed to strengthening communication with different business sectors in Sharjah, especially shopping malls and retail sector in order to learn closely about their needs and listen to their suggestions.”

“We are also keen to exchange views with the business community to serve their interests and support the development of Sharjah’s economy towards further prosperity,” 

Al Jarwan highlighted the importance of shopping malls and the retail sector as key drivers in the economy of the emirate and its dynamic growth.

“The SCCI offers pioneering services for the business community to improve the performance of this economic activity through several programs and initiatives. It also encourages investment and introduces its members to the available opportunities,” he added.

Praising the SCCI’s efforts in the current circumstances, the shop owners appreciated the Chamber’s constant follow-up and its keenness to exploit its partnership with various government entities in serving the business community to maintain its sustainability and competitiveness, in spite of the Covid-19 challenge at the global economic level, stressing their full compliance with the Covid-19-related precautionary and preventive measures.