Uganda's rare silver-backed mountain guerrilla killed by Hunters

Uganda's rare silver-backed mountain guerrilla killed by Hunters

Uganda: Four people have been arrested in connection with the killing of a famous Ugandan guerrilla named Rafiqi. If convicted, they could face life in prison or a 5.4 million fine for killing endangered species.

The investigation revealed that Rafiqi was killed with a sharp instrument which had torn even his internal organs. There are only 1,000 mountain gorilla survivors in Uganda's mountains, and Rafiqi's death has been described as a major blow by Uganda's wildlife department.

Rafiqi is estimated to be 25 years old at the time of his death and was the leader of a group of 17 mountain guerrillas in Boindi National Park. This group of guerrillas is familiar with humans.

"After Rafiqi's death, the gang has become unstable and is in danger of breaking up," Bashir Hangi of the Forest Department told.

He said that in the absence of the chief, there was a fear that a silver back would become the head of a group which would not be at all familiar with human beings. If that happens, the group will stop approaching humans, which could affect domestic tourism.