IG Punjab chaired executive board session at Central police office.

In the session, police uniform, arrest of hardened criminals and promotion policy along with other issues came under discussion.

IG Punjab chaired executive board session at Central police office.

LAHORE: Inspector General Police Punjab Shoaib Dastgir said that He, after consultation with all officers, gave approval for better quality cloth for police uniform and said that comfortable and quality cloth should be selected for uniform of police force which may cope against any season and weather and may be compatible for office and field duties. He further said that, crimes ratio, proportion of population, area of police station, geography, and fleet of vehicles in district should be kept in view with respect to distribution of 500 new vehicles to police stations by Punjab Government so that ratio of crime across the province may be reduced and all districts of province may benefit from this facility. These views were expressed by him while addressing to officers in executive board session at Central police office today. In the session, different issues including police uniform, arrest of heinous criminals, promotion policy and other many departmental matters came under discussion whereas all officers gave their suggestions and recommendations for decision making of under debate issues.

In the session actions against dangerous criminals included in heinous crime, terrorists and their facilitators were examined in detail and it has been thus decided to speed up actions against such monsters of the society and teams engaged in such operations should be kept aware of ground realities with the help of strong intelligence network and fruitful utilization of modern and digital technology. IG Punjab stressed upon field officers that operation against criminals especially terrorists and their facilitators should be surged up and field officers should personally supervise and command police teams constituted for arrest of hardened criminals. He added that, field officers who show negligence in arresting of dangerous proclaimed offenders should not think that they shall not be questioned about their negligence, but such officers shall be held accountable for their negligence and carelessness. He further said that parallel mechanism of reward and punishment increases moral of force and also proves helpful in achieving best results along with maintaining environment of professional competitions and enhancing professional abilities, therefore, there should be huge focus on progress report and professional training of officers and officials besides ensuring provision of other facilities to force.

 He moreover said that, departmental promotion in accordance with merit and seniority is the basic right of officers and officials in force therefore, performance indicators should not be ignored while assessing performance of officers and officials in field and offices and professional training, field experience and performance evaluation report besides other matters should be kept in view in promotion rules.

In the session, Addl IG PHP Captain (R) Zafar Iqbal Awan, Addl: IG Welfare and Finance, Tariq Masood Yaseen, Addl IG IAB Azhar Hameed Khokhar, Addl IG Logistics Ali Amir Malik, Addl IG Training Shahid Hanif, Addl IG Establishment BA Nasir, Addl IG R&D Ghulam Rasul Zahid, Commandant Police Training College Chung, Captain (R) Ehsaan Tufail, Addl IG  Elite Farooq Mazhar, Addl IG Investigation Fiaz Ahmad Dev, Addl IG Traffic Sahibzada Shehzad Sultan, Addl IG CTD Muhammad Tahir Rai and Addl IG Special Branch Zaeem Iqbal Sheikh along with other officers were present in the session.