Mind Cloud Tribe 2.0 The Ultimate Business and Entrepreneurship Platform Is Back this August 

Mind Cloud Tribe 2.0 The Ultimate Business and Entrepreneurship Platform Is Back this August 

Mind Cloud Tribe, founded in the UAE by entrepreneur Genny Ghanimeh in 2019, is an online platform, consisting of tutorials, tools and tool-builders,to enable burgeoning entrepreneurs to build a business plan and come up with Investment, alongside a marketplace for experts and tutorials. Mind Cloud Tribe’s vision is to allow anyone, anywhere, to overcome any barriers and challenges, to be able to fulfill their dreams and step into their vision. 

Since originally launching, Mind Cloud Tribe has undertaken lots of new developments to keep improving the overall offering for those that join. Mind Cloud Tribe 2.0 is a fully coded asynchronous learning model with fourofferings:

·         Concept based learning video-tutorials: The Experts tutorials are over 75 tutorials -to date, with in-depth expertise topics designed to help entrepreneurs manage and grow their business, delivered by 20+ experts. Key topics include: Finance, Growth Hacking, HR, Marketing and PR, Customer Experience, Branding, SEO, UX, Leadership and much more.

·         Investment Deck Tool-builder: The Learning Journey is 16 tutorials, tools and tool builders to build a business plan and investment deck The tutorials include: Business model, customer journey, positioning, marketing mix, value proposition, online sales funnel. Marketing/campaign canvas, SWOT analysis, legal term sheet, financial statements and investment deck among others. 

·         Connecting w/ Experts: MCT has developed a booking platform allowing users to book a consultation 

·         Performance Dashboard: The platform has a performance dashboard that allows users to discover how many tutorial-videos they have completed, and the Business Plan elements that they have worked on.

Every month the tutorials will grow by 4-5 tutorials, increasing the offering and chance to learn new skill sets needed for entrepreneurs and business owners. 

 “According to World Bank, SMEs contribute to 55-60% of the economy of any country, and most countries are planning to raise that participation further in the coming years. And post COVID, SMEs are accelerating the speed of innovation integration to remain relevant in challenging times and in the wake of the Knowledge Era.” Commented Genny Ghanimeh, Founder and Managing Partner at Mind Cloud Tribe.

“Entrepreneurs looking to upskill themselves & their team has become CRITICAL to prepare themselves for the future! The world is changing rapidly, the minimum requisite today is professionals blending different deep expertise from digital to traditional along with soft skills and creative thinking to stay afloat during any crisis and drive innovation, competitive advantage and growth during market peak. Mind Cloud Tribe is the whole team’s partner. We don’t only teach the skills to drive innovation, we instill the mindset of resilient leadership. All that, at a fraction of the cost."

New to Mind Cloud Tribe 2.0 is the addition of a White Label offering for entreprise. After meeting and researching with many potential corporate partners to understand their needs, Mind Cloud Tribe concluded that there is a large need for White Label, meaning the access to all of Mind Cloud Tribe offerings and features under the entreprise own branding and website.

Mind Cloud Tribe is part of Mind Cloud Academy, a uniquebusiness and entrepreneurship academy – the first of its kind in the region. Mind Cloud Academy focuses on startups, mentoring and advisory. Mind Cloud Academy is built on delivery of a unique educational program that fits the business and skills needs of each entrepreneur, intrapreneur and business owner. 

Mind Cloud Academy is an intensive, 10-week program designed for entrepreneurs who want to level up their skills and strategies to succeed in today’s competitive market. Mind Cloud Academy is also the only KHDA-Certified Business and Entrepreneurship Program in the UAE. Part masterclass, part workshop Mind Cloud Academy uses the latest concepts in business innovation, growth strategy, digital marketing, finance and more to help students build and launch successful businesses and transform existing businesses. 

For more information visit mindcloudtribe.com or keep up to date with the latest news on social media at @MindCloudTribe & @MindCloudAcademy.