On International Youth Day, MoHAP Youth Council reaffirms its support to “We Commit to Win” campaign

On International Youth Day, MoHAP Youth Council reaffirms its support to “We Commit to Win” campaign

DUBAI, UAE: MoHAP Youth Council affirmed that the International Youth Day, which falls on August 12, is an annual occasion to celebrate the achievements of young people and their influential role in building the future of the country. Initiatives included; The first program for future youth leaders in the field of health, and a virtual museum with a 3D display to encourage high school students to specialize in the medical and nursing fields, in addition to the 60-minute with Mulhaminitiative, and the consolidation of volunteer programs and the Masarak program for scholarships and foreign scholarships.

International Youth Day, which is observed on August 12, is an awareness day designated by the United Nations (UN). The purpose of the day is to draw attention to a given set of cultural and legal issues surrounding youth and to pay tribute to youth achievement as partners in the international community.

According to the UN, this year’s theme is “Youth Engagement for Global Action” which aims to spotlight ways for enhancing youth’s active participation at local, national, and global levels and drawing lessons learned on how to strengthen their engagement in shaping official institutional policies.

And while the Covid-19 pandemic has affected all population segments, the youth is still playing an effective role in raising awareness about the pandemic and how to get recovered from it.

At the official level, the UAE’s wise leadership pays great attention to youth as being a key driver for innovation and sustainable development, the embodiment of Emirati values, and the reinforcement of youth’s involvement in supporting governmental efforts to maintain people’s health.

In turn, MoHAP Youth Council grabs this occasion to reaffirm its support and commitment to the “We Commit to Win” campaign to achieve the early recovery by adhering to precautionary measures and sustaining the gain and accomplishments through the integration of governmental and communal efforts.

In the meantime, the Council acknowledges the vital role of youth from citizen and residents in volunteer programs to support the efforts of health authorities in countering coronavirus, in addition to their contribution to world’s first Phase III clinical trials of an inactivated vaccine to combat COVID-19, underlining that national volunteer campaigns are an initiative aimed at consolidating the wise leadership’s confidence in the role and capabilities of youth and their full readiness to the call of duty, as well as to shoulder their responsibilities to pursue the country’s accomplishments, especially with the gradual return to normal life.