IG Punjab Shoaib Dastagir chaired a video link plenary session at Central Police Office.

IG Punjab Shoaib Dastagir chaired a video link plenary session at Central Police Office.
  • Activities of helping to families affected by Corona lock down under police relief fund shall be continued every month.
  • Ration bags especially should be provided to needy and deserving families
  • During the lock down, legal actions have been taken against 23477 citizens under section 144 whereas legal actions have been taken against 365 citizens for violation of hoardings.
  • In the wake of arrival of Ramzan ul Mubarak, preparations and plannings  regarding lock down should be continued.
  • Close coordination must be maintained with administration of mosques, Imam bargahs and other worship places.
  • District focal persons should be conducted training courses for timely addressal of complaints received through Pakistan citizen portal.

Inspector General Police Punjab Shoaib Dastagir said that police officers and officials should perform their duties with more hard work, diligence and high alert so that spread of Corona virus may be reduced and and lives of citizens may be saved whereas directions of government with respect to lock down and social distancing should also be implemented strictly. He further said that for Corona lock down affected families, helping activities under police relief fund should be continued till the eradication of this pandemic disease and the process of distribution of ration bags among daily wagers, poor laborers should be extended with the help of contribution of Police officers and officials from their pockets according to their status because in this time of difficulty, Punjab Police is standing with poor and deserving families. He stressed upon officers that ration bags should be provided especially to those deserving families who were not provided ration bags earlier by government, NGO or from any other source. He moreover said that in the wake of arrival of Easter, Ramzan ul Mubarak and tentative extension in lock down, all planings and preparations should be continued. He said that close coordination should be maintained with administration of mosques, Imam bargahs and worship places by taking them into trust with respect to implementation of orders of government for welfare of the citizens. He directed  to speed up actions and crackdown against violation of section 144 and hoardings act and said that implementation of section 144 should be strictly ensured in all districts of the province and legal action should be taken against the violators irrespective of their status and social position. He further said that in this time of difficulty, callous accused involved in hoarding and increasing difficulties for the citizens are national criminals and such anti social elements should be dealt with strict legal actions so that every possible relief should be provided to the citizens. During the session IG Punjab was apprised that, legal action has been taken against 23477 citizens against violation of section 144 and legal action has been taken against 365 citizens for violating hoarding act. He further said that for timely addressal and resolution of complaints received through Pakistan citizens portal, the focal persons should be conducted training circuses so that their performance may be made more effective. By this way, they may serve their duties and provide every possible relief to the citizens. He emphasized upon that the complaint should be concluded by satisfying the applicant under devised instructions by citizen feedback whereas disciplinary action shall be taken against those focal person who was found guilty of dropping the compliant without its resolution. He further said that with respect to points of dropping of complaint, after registration of complaint, it should be dropped within 2,3 days and undue delay, awaiting of citizen and dropping of the compliant after month shall be considered negligence. He further added that monthly detailed report regarding encouragement of focal person for their good work and also their punishment for their negligence should be sent to Central police office whereas  officers should be given letter of displeasure who didn't implement the directions given in previous  crime meeting. In the session, all regional and district officers presented progress reports of their concerned districts regarding Pakistan citizens portal dash board and resolved complaints alongwith under process applications have been examined in detail. IG Punjab directed to all officers that the complaints of citizens received through citizens portal should be resolved on priority basis and without any delay. The officers and officials who showed negligence and intentional slackness or non professional behavior regarding this, then a disciplinary action in accordance with the discipline matrix should be taken against him. He further said that DPOs should personally supervise the complaints received on Pakistan citizens portal in their districts whereas resolution of complaints sent by overseas Pakistanis should also be ensured on priority basis. He moreover said that DPOs in their concerned districts should keep a close coordination with focal persons of Pakistan citizen portal and their performance should be inspected and monitored regularly besides ensuring close coordination and information sharing with them so that with timely  steps of Police, aggrieved citizens may be provided with quick relief. He further said that all DPOs should furnish weekly progress report of resolved and received complaints of citizens on Pakistan citizen portal to Central Police Office. He moreover, said that without resolution of problems of the citizens, image of Police in public cannot be improved therefore all officers with the help of their subordinates should ensure the  resolution and compensation of the complaints by  citizens with true heart and full hard work. He further said that during the lock down, increase in online complaints is rightfully  upto the expectation but steps for resolution of these complaints should also be speeded up accordingly and compensation of every application should be ensured within fixed dead line. In the session, all RPOs, CPOs and DPOs participated through video link whereas Addl IGP IAB Azhar Hameed Khokhar, Addl IGP Welfare and Finance, Rao Sardar, DIG IAB Imran Mehmood, AIG Complaints, Faisal Shehzad and AIG Inspection, Usman Ejaz were also  present at this occasion.