AUIEC reviews 2021 plans and agenda during extraordinary virtual meeting

AUIEC reviews 2021 plans and agenda during extraordinary virtual meeting

The Arab Union for International Exhibitions and Conferences, AUIEC, which operates under the umbrella of the Council of Arab Economic Unity of the Arab League, has recently held an extraordinary virtual meeting to discussthe future agenda, plans and proposals for the upcoming year 2021.

The Arab Union has also shed light on the latest developments related to the exhibition and conference industry in the Arab countries after being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The meeting waschaired by H.E. Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, Chairman, AUIEC, Member of Sharjah Consultative Council, and the CEO of Expo Centre Sharjah, in the presence of H.E. Mahmoud Youssef Al-Jarrah, Secretary-General, AUIEC, and representatives of 10 Arab countries from the Union members.

During the online event, the participants stressed the importance of the role played by government bodies to regulateand support the exhibition and conference industry, calling on stakeholders to set new foundations and standards for the membership of companies and institutions in line with the requirements of the current stage.

The meeting also discussed the most prominent challenges facing the exhibitions and conferences sector in the Arab world, which were caused by COVID-19.

The attendees lauded the significant role being played by the union as an incubator for all initiatives, highlighting the need to strengthen the inter-Arab cooperation by developing future-oriented visions, and putting forward practical solutions and recommendations leading to enlightened economic visions and solid partnerships.

They also endorsed the nomination of Mr. Ghassan Al-Fakiani, Syria, as the AUIEC First Vice Chairman.

Uniting efforts

Saif Mohammed Al Midfa said: “The meeting seeks to unify the joint Arab efforts to bring about a joint work system that serves asa key incubator for the exhibitions and conferences sector in the Arab world in light of this exceptional crisis afflicting the entire world.

“Today’s meeting comes in line with the AUIEC’s strategic goals that it aims to achieve to the develop the economic cooperation between Arab countries, by strengthening the exhibitions and conferences industry, finding solutions to all challenges facing the sector, and encouraging cooperation between all workers in this field” Al Midfa added. 

Commending the role of the Council of Arab Economic Unity in developing the Arab trade, Al Midfa emphasized the need to combine efforts to promote joint Arab action, as well as the importance of developing the concept of specialized conferences, so as to further support national economies and deepen the role of such events in promoting Arab products in global markets.

Forward-looking vision

Mahmoud Youssef Al-Jarrah said: “This remarkable attendance of the member states clearly reflects the commitment of the governments of those countries to overcome all the challenges facing the exhibitions industry which remains one of the most important sectors supportive of post-Covid-19 economic recovery at local, regional, and global levels.”

Al-Jarrah stressed the need to develop a forward-looking vision that ensures the sustainability of this industry in the Arab world.

Since its inception in 1995, the AUIEC has played a significant role in advancing Arab industries and has enhanced joint Arab economic action, thanks to its contribution to consolidating ties among the member states and deepening the concept of public-private partnerships.

The AUIEC is one of the specialized Arab unions that work under the umbrella of the Council of Arab Economic Unity. It takes part in the meetings of the Arab League and other Arab organizations with the aim of developing economic cooperation and increasing trade exchange between Arab countries.