NRC Hosts Virtual Summer Forum for Public and Private Schools Students

Event aims to upskill young generation in life and leadership skills.

NRC Hosts Virtual Summer Forum for Public and Private Schools Students

Abu Dhabi-UAE:  The National Rehabilitation Center (NRC) hosted a week-long virtual summer forum that aimed to provide students with useful tips on how to use their free time and vacations effectively in the development of life and leadership skills to become future leaders. 

Drawing the participation of 35 male and female students aged 14 - 16 years from 16 public and private schools in the UAE, the Forum educated the participants about the dangers of addiction on individual, family, societal and economic levels, and how to avoid unhealthy habits that lead to addiction.

The forum featured gender-segregated sessions led by prominent trainers, counselors, and doctors from NRC. These sessions tackled a wide array of topics such as upskilling students, testing their competencies, and promoting positive behaviors. The event alsoincluded an introduction to ‘Who am I’ training program that enables students to learn more about their capabilities and strengths. 

In addition, the forum discussed the advantages and disadvantages of video games and the Internet especially when their use turns into addiction. Participants also gained insight on how to lead a well-balanced lifestyle.

The forum also included a brainstorming session that allowed students to share their ideas and thoughts on the use of energy drinks and their adverse health effects. The session aimed to help students enhance their self-efficacy and motivated them to participate in peer support activities.

His Excellency Dr. Hamad Al Ghafri, Director General of NRC, said: “It is a top priority for NRC to protect our students from the dangers of addiction in all its forms and types. In doing so, we aim to bring about a positive change in their behaviorand help them face the challenges and external influences they encounter in their daily lives. Through this event, we seek to educate students on how to utilize their time in useful activities that enhance their skills to protect them from falling victim to addiction.” 

The forum concluded with an interactive session on ‘Smoking’ that highlighted the dangers of smoking and the factors that lead to its addiction. The session aimed to motivate students and encourage them to continuously develop their skills and thus combat bad habits.