Al Qassimi Hospital for Women & Children accomplishes 100% success rate in pediatric open-heart surgeries

Al Qassimi Hospital for Women & Children accomplishes 100% success rate in pediatric open-heart surgeries

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates: The Ministry of Health and Prevention, MoHAP, revealed the success of Al Qassimi Hospital for Women & Children in performing over 130 cardiac catheterization procedures and 58 open heart surgery at a success rate of 100% without any serious complications.

“A set of factors has led to this achievement, including the distinctive expertise and efforts of doctors and technicians, the availability of the best diagnostic and curative services, and the implementation of quality and excellence standards in innovative and sustainable ways that accomplish leadership in the health field,” MoHAP explained.

Two of the successfully treated cases were experiencing vascular rings that are pressing against the trachea and esophagus which is one of the difficult cases in diagnosis and treatment, in addition to two cases who were suffering from a complex heart defect (generation of a blood vessel inside the heart and the Rastelli procedure).

The said four cases are the first of its kind across MoHAP’s hospitals, in addition to another successful surgery for a girl who came to the hospital with congestive heart failure due to an atrial septal defect (a hole in the heart). 

Adopting latest treatment methods 

Hailing the performance, efforts, and competency of the medical cadres and consultant in handling such complicated cases, Dr. Kalthoum Al Baloushi, Director of MoHAP’s Hospitals Administration, underlined MoHAP’s commitment to strengthening innovation and adopting the latest treatment methods to help mitigate patient’s pain and change their life for the better by using the best available resources in parallel with scaling up the quality of health services in accordance international standards.

Attracting best medical competencies

Dr. Safiya Al Khajeh, Director of Al Qassimi Women’s and Children’s Hospital, attributed this success to the concerted efforts and cooperation between medical teams in hospital and MoHAP’s unlimited support in terms of providing all the resources for the medical and administrative cadres and the constant follow-up.

“Since its inception in November 2017, Al Qassimi Hospital for Women & Children has been keen to attract the best medical competencies in various specialties,” added Al Khajeh, highlighting the achievements of the Pediatric Cardiac Department which have begun with cardiac catheterization procedure in December 2018.

Exchanging experiences

Dr. Ahmed Al Kamali, Head of Pediatric cardiology Department, said: “We have started performing pediatric open-heart surgeries in January 2019 in cooperation with visiting doctors. This comes as part of MoHAP’s directives to exchange experiences and achieve joint cooperation, so as to provide citizens and residents with the best therapeutic services with no need to go abroad for medical treatment.”

“An example of this cooperation was the three consecutive visits of the Belarussian medical staff in the first half of 2019 to perform 20 open-heart surgeries with the help of the local medical staff. And in September of the same year, the medical teams of the hospital have successfully performed all the surgeries on their own and without the help of the visiting team,” Al Kamali noted.

He added that the hospital length of stay ranges from 4 to 7 days, while the average length of stay in the intensive care unit is from 24 to 72 hours according to case severity, something that indicates the competency of the medical cadres in performing successful surgeries and procedures.

The Pediatric cardiology Department Head highlighted the hospital’s vision in terms of providing outstanding and integrated healthcare for children with heart disease including simple and complex congenital heart defects.