Anil Kapoor's son is crazy about Pakistani brand

Anil Kapoor's son is crazy about Pakistani brand

LAHORE: (Showbiz Desk) Harshvardhan Kapoor, son of Bollywood's most popular actor Anil Kapoor, has become obsessed with the designs of Pakistani clothing brand 'Rasta'. On social media site Instagram, the actor shared a photo of himself wearing a Pakistani brand jacket and said that some time ago while scrolling on social media, he saw some designs of this brand which are his own example.

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A couple of months ago I was scrolling through my feed when I saw a beautiful eye catching post on @homegrownin page ... they had shared some creatives from a brand I’d later discover as @rastahofficial .. If you follow me on this platform you know I’m someone that loves streetwear/Luxury so to discover a brand based out of Lahore was very exciting . The jacket that I’m wearing here was something I knew I had to have , I Honestly haven’t seen many streetwear brands in south east Asia source materials the way they do and create unique pieces like this ... the fabric for this insanely beautiful patch work jacket was sourced from the tharparkar region in Sindh .. all hand embroidered . I then reached out to a special friend and she put me in touch with @zainoo_95 @rastahofficial who was kind enough to send me some clothes , I promised him I’d create unique images to showcase his genius and this is the first of the lot ... let’s spread love and positivity and celebrate art , were all connected I love their culture , please be open to people and art from everywhere. We are all brothers and sisters after all ... @rastahofficial ships worldwide ... dm them and they will hook you up , this jacket has sold out and will never be produced again but there’s lots more coming ... ???? @buzzookha #rasthah #indiapakistanfriendship

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He said that there is a dearth of such unique working brands in South Asia. He praised the specific designs of Tharparkar Sindh and said that he reached out to the owner of this brand with the help of some of his close friends and assured him. That they will appreciate this service to art.

At the same time, Harshvardhan also emphasized on the promotion of Pak-India friendship, saying that art has no borders and those who serve art all over the world should be appreciated so that they get more impetus to do their work.