Mahira Khan Named Her First Love

Mahira Khan Named Her First Love

LAHORE: (Showbiz Desk) Mahira Khan, a versatile actress in the drama and film industry, has told her fans who her first love is. Actress Mahira Khan has shared a photo and a video on the photo and video sharing app Instagram. In the photo, she is present with a friend and both are smiling at each other.

On the other hand, in the video, a boy and a girl are standing together while in the background a beautiful song 'Khoo Gaye Hum Kahan' is playing.

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Meri insia, Dost nahi pehla pyaaar ho tum. Jaaaan se zyaada aziz ho tum. Meray jigar ka tukda ho tum. Khush raho hamesha.. Ameen. Saalgirah Mubarak @insiafaisal ???? Sirf tumhari, ماہرہ ???? ????ℎ???????? ????????????????/???????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????? ???????? ????????...???????????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ????????????????????????????, ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????? ???????????? ????ℎ???????? ???????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????? - ???????? ???????????????????????? ????ℎ???????? ℎ????????????????????????, ???????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????? ℎ???????????? ????????????ℎ ????????ℎ???????? ????

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In the caption with the photo shared on Instagram, Mahira Khan wrote, "My Insia, not a friend, you are the first love, you are dearer than life, you hit my liver, always be happy." ‘Addressing her friend Insia Faisal, the actress further wrote, "Happy birthday, only your expert."

"This song and this picture remind me of both of us, when we were standing on your balcony talking about our lives," Mahra Khan wrote, quoting a video shared in her caption. We will always be together. ‘