DREI launches MASAR platform for recruitment and real estate training

The platform enhances job opportunities for professionals and helps companies attract the best talent.

DREI launches MASAR platform for recruitment and real estate training

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: In a regional first-of-its-kind initiative, Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI) in Dubai Land Department (DLD), with the cooperation of Bloovo Middle East, a company specialised in developing employment technologies and systems supported by artificial intelligence (AI) and smart learning,launched the employment and real estate training portal, MASAR, supported by AI technology to match resumes and job descriptions.

The new portal provides specialists across various real estate fields with opportunities to search for job opportunities in their respective fields.It also allows specialised companies to offer their opportunities on the platform in exchange for a fee when subscribing to the service.This smart platform meets the needs of all parties operating in the real estate market, including individuals and companies, especially as it takes into account the necessary qualifications and experiencesand helps achieved continued success in various real estate career paths.

Hend Al Marri, CEO of DREI, commented: “MASAR is a link between DREI graduates or specialists in various real estate fields and companies specialised in the real estate field. The platform helps achieve several strategic goals, most prominently the effective partnership between all parties to enable DREI’s graduates to benefit from their capabilities and experiences when joining the labour market.”

It is now possible for DREI graduates and specialists in various real estate fields who wish to work in this sectorto register on the online platform via http://masar.drei.gov.ae/.In addition to employment opportunities, guidance, and counselling services, MASAR provides many specialised programmes and paths to help participants make the most of educational and continuing training opportunities by equipping them with the necessary skills to succeed in various real estate professions.

DREI, as the entity supervising the platform, provides the necessary support to registered graduates as well as provides training and qualification opportunities for them to hone their skills and guide them so that they may make the most of this platform.The platform also works on linking with programmes designed for citizens, including, for example, the National Brokers Programme, approved by DLD’s Real Estate Regulatory Agency, and Dubai SME, an agency ofDubai Economy, with the aim of enhancing the role of the country’s citizens and motivating them to practise the profession of real estate brokerage, raising their level of participation in the real estate sector as one that is of the most important economic sectors in the emirate.

The platform also allows real estate companies to advertise jobs in the real estate sector, with the possibility of communicating with the top ten DREI graduates and obtaining a company’s job page that is linked to the MASAR platform. Other services that will be available to companies include the unlimited listing of jobs as well as a section where the names of distinguished companies and employers are mentioned as a form of advertisement.

Job seekers will benefit frommany services, includinghaving their CVs featured on the platform, and social media promotion by having their profiles published to increase their chances of getting jobs. They can also benefit from online lessons and enrolment in real estate courses.