League postponed due to irresponsibility of board: Team owners

League postponed due to irresponsibility of board: Team owners

Karachi: (Sports Desk) Due to the irresponsibility of the PCB, PSL 6 had to be postponed while the franchise owners had to wait for the emergency meeting. Due to increasing cases of cowardice, the cricket board postponed PSL 6 yesterday. A virtual meeting of franchise owners and representatives was called before the decision.

Sources said that there was a lot of heat on this occasion, the team owners who had invested billions of rupees were very upset with the situation, they strongly criticized the inappropriate arrangements in the bio-bubble by the authorities.

One owner said, "A lot of money was spent on preparing the song and shooting the video in Turkey without telling us, but we did not pay attention to the important issues. Now show Grove Apna. Wedding ceremonies are being held at the team hotel but the authorities If you didn't take notice, if you had booked the whole hotel, you wouldn't have to see this day.

One of the owners said that we had suggested in November that the bio-bubble would not be fixed in Pakistan. We could hold the event in Dubai but no one agreed. On our reservations, it was understood that they were fighting. Was not

The meeting also expressed surprise over how Islamabad United and Multan Sultans were accommodated in another hotel before the event on the grounds that they did not have a place in the team hotel. The players also had to wait to go to their rooms. The elevators at the hotel were said to be reserved for teams, but they were also used by other people. The kitchens did not know whether the chefs and other staff were taking safety measures.

Sources said that one owner was very angry and PCB CEO Wasim Khan and others listened to him in silence. He also admitted the mistakes of the board, but surprisingly later the franchises in front of the media. He was also accused of negligence.

When contacted, a team owner said that if biosecurity arrangements at hotels, stadiums and other places were our responsibility, we would have conducted quad tests of all of them, if we had taken care of all other matters, then we would have postponed PSL. In fact, we didn't know anything about how the board did everything itself, so how can the finger be pointed at franchises now.

Sources further said that there could be another big dispute between the franchisees and the board, the owners feel that the tournament was scheduled in a hurry to charge them and now their money is stuck, it is not easy to find the next window for the event. Therefore, there should be a refund of fees. At the same time, it is time to finalize the new financial model.

The sources further said that the board would not be ready to refund the fees immediately and the matter would be settled in the next few months by justifying the search for new dates. The franchises have already gone to court and future matters may get worse again.