Century Financial distributes COVID-19 hygiene and safety kits to Careem customers and captains

Century Financial distributes COVID-19 hygiene and safety kits to Careem customers and captains

Dubai, UAE: UAE’s leading financial consultancy firm, Century Financial has partnered with Careem, the region's everyday Super App, to distribute safety and hygiene kits to its customers and captains.

The noble initiative, which coincides with International Charity Day held on September 5th, is a part of the annual charity drive undertaken by Century Financial every year, under the banner of “Health, Wealth & Happiness”. Century Financial will distribute around 2,000 kits in an effort to ensure that Careem’s delivery captains are protected from the Coronavirus pandemic during their daily interactions with customers.  

According to Century Financial, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is still registering triple-digit COVID-19 cases - a situation that still requires everyone, especially those that come into close contact with people in their line of duty, to remain protected at all times.

“As the country continues to register new Coronavirus cases, we remain steadfast in stressing the importance of staying safe by adhering to the COVID-19 safety regulations. In playing our part to help flatten the curve, we have partnered with Careem in an effort to protect drivers and delivery boys (captains) by providing them with the necessary hygiene products, including hand sanitizers, face masks, gloves, protective footwear covers among other items,” said Bal Krishen, Chairman, Century Financial.

Further the Careem’s spokesperson added:“We are grateful to Century Financial for choosing to partner with us in this noble cause. Health and safety are at the core of all our operations, especially during this pandemic. Our drivers and delivery captains are the backbone of the company and we shall go the extra mile to ensure that they and their families, including the customers they interact with on a daily basis, are protected” said Gheed El Makkaoui, General Manager of Careem UAE