Life does not end after divorce: Rabia Chaudhry

Life does not end after divorce: Rabia Chaudhry

LAHORE: (Showbiz Desk) Pakistani actress Rabia Chaudhry, who has recently spoken openly about her divorce, says that life does not end after divorce.

Revealing the news about her divorce, Rabia Chaudhry, while talking about the thinking of the society, said that why do we make girls so poor when they get divorced, why does it seem that now the girl's life is over, with the poor What happened, the life of the poor was ruined.

"It simply came to our notice then that the divorce was delayed and the rest of his life was spared," he said.

The actress had termed the divorce as an opportunity to find another love and happiness on which she was being criticized.

Now in another detailed post, Rabia Chaudhry explained that her statement should not be taken wrong, she is not happy about the divorce and she is not celebrating the divorce party.

The actress wrote, "Not saying divorce is not a sad thing, it does not mean that I am celebrating my divorce and holding a party."