Hania Amir is China Made Angelina Julie

Hania Amir is China Made Angelina Julie

LAHORE: (Showbiz Desk) Pakistani film and drama industry actress Hania Amir has given an important message about love to her fans on social media on which she has been called Angelina Julie of China by a fan.

Hania Amir has shared a photo on Instagram, a photo, video sharing application, in which she is traveling somewhere in the car and looks in a very happy mood.

Sharing her photo, Hania Amir has sent a message to the fans, "Love more, hate is overrated."

Hania Amir's photo has received a lot of likes and comments from her followers, while an Insta user said, "She looks like Angelina Julie from China."

Hania Amir's post was also commented on by other users in which she praised Haniya's acting skills and said that she looks very cute.