Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs Publishes 7th Issue of ‘Political Participation’ Magazine

The magazine offers an in-depth look into the elements that set parliamentary practices in the UAE apart, particularly during the remote work period.

Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs Publishes 7th Issue of ‘Political Participation’ Magazine

Abu Dhabi, UAE – The Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs (MFNCA) has published the seventh issue of its ‘Political Participation’ magazine, which offers readers an in-depth look into the elements that set parliamentary practices in the UAE apart.

This edition focuses on the remote work period in particular, which set a precedent in UAE parliamentary practices, with new initiatives and procedures that ensured continuity in parliamentary operations to serve the country and its citizens.

In the magazine’s opening article, His Excellency Dr. Abdul Rahman Mohammad Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention and Minister of State for Federal National Council (FNC) Affairs, asserted that the pioneering approach to parliamentary procedures in the UAE is part of the much wider development taking place across the country and in every sector.

“Serving the Emirati community is a continuous process and a vision we share across all entities,” H.E. noted. “Coming up with innovative and pragmatic solutions to ensure continuity of operations fulfilled the leadership’s vision for us to work as one team, and led to a host of achievements made during the remote work period. These accomplishments, in turn, set the foundations for new approach to work – one that is centred around human capabilities rather than a specific place.”

“The UAE parliamentary sector has benefitted from this experience to further set itself apart, asserting its primary role to put all resources and capabilities at the service of the country and its people,” H.E. Al Owais said. “This experience has also been a catalyst for innovation and for an unrelenting search for opportunities out of the challenges we face, all in an effort to forecast the future of the sector in the UAE and continue to strive for excellence in performance.”

The issue included a special interview with H.E. Saqr Ghobash, Speaker of the Federal National Council, where he reaffirmed the FNC’s fundamental role in the cultural and comprehensive development of the UAE across all sectors. Moreover, the Council plays a national role in strengthening the ‘Shura’ approach, urging citizens to participate in the decision-making process, and promoting the values ​​of loyalty, belonging, and national cohesion.

“The FNC continues to carry out its constitutional and legislative duties to meet the people’s expectations,” H.E. Ghobash explained. “The Council plays an active role in the UAE’s sweeping developments, and all FNC members are enthusiastic and persistent in their role to serve the Emirati people, listen to their concerns, and work to fulfil their aspirations, in full coordination and constructive cooperation with the UAE Government.”

MFNCA Undersecretary H.E. Tariq Hilal Lootah penned an article in this issue of the magazine titled ‘Remote Work: An Inspiring Vision Fuelling the Journey Towards Excellence’, where he asserted that the Ministry was implementing the wise leadership’s directives to serve citizens and strive towards excellent performance, incorporating these directives into a plan of action where all MFNCA departments collaborated.

The issue also included an article about the use of remote communication technologies to promote the culture of political participation in the community, as well as a piece about the Federal Supreme Court of the United Arab Emirates and the effective role it plays as a unique judicial institution. On a related note, legislative procedures and remote work were the main topic of another article in the 7th issue of the magazine, which also included special coverage of various activities organised by the MFNCA, most notably the Forum on Building Political Awareness for University Students.

This latest issue also featured  interviews with the heads of neighbourhood councils to discuss the councils’ role in raising political awareness and promoting a culture of political participation in society. In a special interview, the Director of the MFNCA’s Coordination and Follow-up Department emphasised the tremendous role his department plays in strengthening communication between the government and the FNC, constantly striving to enhance performance and provide services that meet the highest standards, in an effort to always serve the country and its citizens.