Syra Yousuf's clear answer to the critics

Syra Yousuf's clear answer to the critics

LAHORE: (Showbiz Desk) Leading actress and model Syra Yousuf responded sharply to social media users criticizing her skin. Syra Yousuf shared a special story for critics on her verified Instagram account.

The actress shared a new photo of herself on her Instagram Story in which she is without make-up and yet her face looks beautiful and radiant.

"I love my skin," Syra Yousuf wrote in a scathing reply to critics in an Instagram Story caption. The actress also told critics that the photo was taken without filters and make-up. It may be recalled that a picture of Syra Yousuf went viral on social media recently in which her skin looked very bad.

After the photo went viral, social media user Syra Yousuf was severely criticized for having bad skin.

Users commented on the actress' photo saying that her skin has deteriorated while some users said that the actress is getting older. On the other hand, some social media users commented in support of Syra Yousuf and slammed the critics.