H.E. Abdul Rahman Al Owais Says FNC Committed to Coordinating with Government on Solutions for Issues of Concern for Emiratis

The Federal National Council held the 10th Session of the 1st Term of Ordinary Sessions for the 17th Legislative Chapter remotely.

H.E. Abdul Rahman Al Owais Says FNC Committed to Coordinating with Government on Solutions for Issues of Concern for Emiratis

ABU DHABI: His Excellency Abdul Rahman bin Mohamed Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention, and Minister of State for Federal National Council (FNC) Affairs, asserted that the Council’s commitment to discussing pertinent issues – including education, Emiratisation, higher education, social development, and human resources – reflects its members’ thorough awareness of requirements for the present and the future.

H.E. applauded the Council for its commitment to meeting at all times and under any circumstances to discuss the most important issues and topics of concern for the nation, the community, and all citizens, and to continue on the UAE’s path of success and development.

H.E. Al Owais noted that the discussions currently taking place regarding a new draft law aim to reinforce the principle of tolerance and the rejection of violence and extremism – values upheld by the UAE and inherited from its Founding Father the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

H.E. went on to note that the presence and interaction of members of the UAE Government reflects their dedication to progress and providing top-quality services that contribute to the wellbeing of citizens. It also embodies the cooperation and integration of roles to develop all sectors and ensure business continuity.

“The directives of the UAE’s wise leadership compel us to coordinate with all parties in vital sectors in order to serve society and citizens, find practical solutions to deal with current and future challenges, and achieve excellence and leadership across all sectors,” H.E. Al Owais said, noting that discussing the issues that matter to Emirati citizens – whether they are in the UAE or abroad – embodies leadership’s commitment to ensuring the health and safety of all Emiratis, especially students studying abroad. “This, in turn, highlights the joint cooperation between the Federal National Council and all competent authorities in the UAE Government to ensure continuity of education, under any circumstances,” he added.

His Excellency pointed out that with the gradual return to work and normalcy, a new and different stage begins – one that requires everyone to have positive energy and flexibility to preserve the UAE’s achievements, accomplish further success, and contribute to building a sustainable future for the UAE.